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Family Law

Changes to Minnesota Child Support and Removal Laws

In 2005 and 2006, the Minnesota legislature passed a new child support statute, now codified at Minn. Stat. §518A.26, et al, resulting in...

Child Support Obligations in MN

The obligation of non-custodial parents to provide financial assistance to their children, commonly referred to as child support, has long been a...

Common Marital Dissolution Questions

Our firm has had the privilege of serving hundreds of clients of the years in regard to several family law related legal issues, including...

Probate & Estate PLANNING

3 Considerations for Succession Planning Beyond the Basic Will

Basic estate planning, including the drafting of a Will, usually involves relatively straight forward considerations such as who will be the...

7 Reasons that you may need to revise your Will

Creating a Will is not necessarily a one-time proposition.  Even if you have a valid document, you may need to update the Will for a variety of...

10 Ways to help your family through effective estate planning

Proper estate planning is truly a gift to your family or other beneficiaries. While planning for one’s incapacity and demise is not exactly an...

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Adoption is a legal proceeding that transfers all rights and responsibilities of a biological parent, if known, to the adoptive parent. The procedures as set out by law are intended to protect the best interest of the children and the rights of...

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